62 - Cowboys and Poly-Prenticing

This week, we field an intriguing question from one of our listeners. She lives in a small, conservative town without a poly community, and she is constantly ending up in relationships with men who think they can turn her into monogamous wife material. How does one avoid this happening?

This is known as "cowboy-ing" or "cowgirl-ing," and the good news is that it is largely preventable with the right precautions. We take you through the most important things to do before getting into a relationship with someone to ensure that they won't try to change your preferences for non-monogamy later on. We also cover Dedeker's beloved coined word: poly-prenticing! This refers to when you are bringing someone brand new to polyamory into the inner circle, as it were. We give you our best tips for guiding a romantic partner through the transition to non-monogamy.

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