53 - A Life Less Monogamous & Old Relationship Energy

The Multiamory crew just read Cooper S. Beckett's new work: A Life Less Monogamous. The book tells the story of a young married couple, on their way to a dead bedroom, who discover the joys and pitfalls of swinging. We share our thoughts on the book, as well as explore some topics that came up in the reading: swinging, group sex, establishing rules, and old relationship energy.

In the poly community, many people talk about NRE (new relationship energy) -- all those great feelings you get when you're falling in love with someone new. But very few people acknowledge old relationship energy -- the bond and established intimacy that is present in a long-lasting relationship. In this episode you'll learn about the joys and potential problems that come with O.R.E.

You can read more of Cooper S. Beckett's work and purchase his book on his website: LifeOnTheSwingset.com.

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