46 - Dancing with Myself

For those of you with your heads in the gutter, this episode of the Multiamory podcast is not about masturbation, but rather how to maintain a healthy polyamorous relationship with yourself.  We welcome back our good friends Brooke and Johnny to help explore how to take care of yourself while juggling the day-to-day challenges of maintaining multiple relationships.  During this episode the four of us explore such topics as:

  • Scheduling "dates" with yourself
  • Taking the energy and time to do kind things for yourself that you are used to doing for your partners
  • Knowing and acknowledging your own boundaries and ideals about the relationships in which you are partaking
  • Understanding your own polyamorous philosophies.  

We also talk about how to wrangle every woman's dream: a man who doesn't watch porn, look at other women, drink alcohol, or play video games (yeah, right) and constantly reference the current game none of us can seem to stop playing: Fallout 4.  

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