39 - The 10 Commandments of Cohabitation

Moving in with a romantic partner (or multiple romantic partners) is a huge milestone.  Are you sure you're ready for it?  What kind of environment do both of you want?  If you're non-monogamous, how will you handle scheduling sleepovers with others? 

All of your hosts have chosen to cohabit with romantic partners, both in monogamous and polyamorous relationships, and our experiences run the gamut from being amazing to being a total nightmare. We have condensed our own experiences and the wisdom of others into 10 things to keep in mind when getting ready to share a living space with your paramour. 

Main topic begins at 21:55.  Ten Commandments begin at 43:00.

Other talking points:
-- How to keep your wife warm when you want to get it on but it's freezing out.

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