21 - 5 Ways to Suck Less at Communication

We all have been told over and over again that communication is the key to a good relationship, but how many of us actually know what that means?  The sad fact of the matter is that most of us human beings suck at communication, especially when we let our emotions, personal agendas, or desire to be "right" get in the way.  Though there are hundreds of effective communication strategies, we cover 5 of our favorite techniques to reduce the amount of suck that we bring to each conversation or argument.  In this episode, you'll learn specifically about:

  1. Knowing when to H.A.L.T.
  2. How to bring emotional honesty to every conversation
  3. The 4 basic steps of Non-Violent Communication
  4. How Reflecting your partner's words can make you a better listener 
  5. Finding people other than your partners to talk to when issues or conflict arises

We also discuss the buzz surrounding Caitlyn Jenner's Vanity Fair debut, and a fascinating article written by a young man who was raised in a polyamorous household.  You can check out the article here: http://www.vice.com/read/i-grew-up-in-a-polyamorous-household-528

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