5 Very Different Polyamory Blogs to Start Following Today

When I first Googled the term “polyamory” years ago, it was slim pickins. After reading The Ethical Slut and Sex at Dawn, I was desperate to learn even more about this whack-a-doo way of handling relationships. I had to dig to find buried forum posts and LiveJournal entries. Though sparse, the information was out there, and I ravenously consumed as much as I could.

These days, there is a veritable cornucopia of books, blogs, podcasts, and free educational resources for anyone curious to explore life outside the bubble of traditional monogamy. Yes, yes, I know -- Multiamory is your absolute, hands-down favorite podcast and blog. But it’s okay to seek out some variety and get your blog-reading needs met by different writers! For some people, that’s the whole appeal of polyamory and non-monogamy, so I don’t see why it can’t be different with the blogs you read.

There are so many to choose from, but here’s a tailored list of 5 polyamory-related blogs that you need to follow, each of them presenting a wide array of different opinions and voices.

Best Specialized Blog: Polyamory on Purpose

Jessica Mahler’s blog offers not just one but two particular topics of focus: polyamory and mental illness as well as polyamory and family, including pregnancy, cohabitation, and legal protection. Mahler has also published a number of guidebooks, the most recent being The Polyamorous Home. Her writing covers a wide range of topics, including sleeping arrangements, money management, childrearing, the best ways to support a mentally ill partner, and much, much more.

Best News Blog: Polyamory in the News

Alan M.’s blog has been going strong since 2005, offering frequent updates and analyses of mainstream media coverage of polyamory and other non-traditional relationships. Alan often posts round-ups of polyamory related events across the globe as well as reviews of poly-related TV shows and movies.

Best Intersectional Blog: Postmodern Woman

Michon Neal heads Postmodern Woman, featuring pieces that look at relationships through the lenses of abuse culture, anti-blackness, disability, de-colonization, parenting, and more. Neal coined the term “intersectional non-monogamy,” and many of the articles focus on this subject. Neal and Jessica Burde of Polyamory on Purpose are even teaming up to create the first ever Accessible Multi-Linking & Polyamory Conference, taking place November 3rd to the 5th, 2017.

Best Wide-Range Blog: SwingTowns

SwingTowns primarily serves as a directory/network of poly, kink, and swinging events, as well as personals. However, the SwingTowns blog is quickly becoming an excellent resource. Their articles address not only polyamory, but educational pieces on exploring fetishes, interacting with swinging communities, and strategies for communication and conflict resolution. They source their articles from a wide variety of established experts and content creators (including yours truly).

Best Blog on Pause: The Critical Polyamorist

For this list, I tried to include blogs with regularly updated content and which had posted new content within the past couple weeks. However, there are so many amazing blogs out there that update infrequently, or which are currently on hiatus. Churning out content regularly is no easy feat, especially for those of us who juggle multiple writing projects and work commitments at a time. However, I wanted to highlight a new favorite blog and writer of mine: The Critical Polyamorist.

Professor and anthropologist Kim TallBear writes about the decolonization of love, with an emphasis on indigenous politics and perspectives within a context of socially-enforced, compulsory monogamy. Her writing often highlights her own experience, which skews more solo polyamorous/relationship anarchist. Intelligent and insightful, the writing on this blog takes you far beyond Polyamory 101.

Dedeker Winston is a relationship coach, writer, belly dancer, model, nomad, and chapstick-addict.  You can order her book, The Smart Girl's Guide to Polyamory on Amazon or Barnes & Noble

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